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Welfare Reform on the Web (February 2010): Homelessness - UK

Somewhere to call home

S. Thorp

Children and Young People Now, Dec. 3rd-9th 2009, p. 20-21

As a result of the House of Lords May 2009 Judgment in the case of G v Southwark, local authorities are obliged to ensure that any homeless youngster under 18 is provided with accommodation under Section 20 of the 1989 Children Act. Effectively this means that any 16- or 17-year-olds who would previously have been accommodated under housing legislation now qualify as looked after, and children's services have to fund their housing and support costs and provide leaving care services once they turn 18.

Street life

E. Smeaton

Public Finance, Dec. 11th 2009 - Jan. 14th 2010, p. 26-27

Children and young people are living on the streets of the UK with no support from their dysfunctional families or from the statutory agencies established to care for them. These children have very few options for legitimate support, often resort to dangerous or criminal survival strategies, and are at risk from others wishing to harm or exploit them. More resources need to be invested in early identification of children at risk of living on the streets and in preventative measures.

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