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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2010): Education - overseas

The fourth way: the inspiring future for educational change

A. Hargreaves and D. Shirley

London: Corwin (Sage), 2009

By drawing on their firsthand studies of the highest-performing systems in the United States and across the world, the authors of this book first analyse the three major educational change efforts of the past 25 years: innovation and inconsistency and complexity and contradiction; the way of the markets and standardisation; and performance and partnership. They then move on to outline a plan - the fourth way - that integrates government policy, professional involvement, and public engagement as a way of creating what they believe to be an environment of greater inclusiveness, security, and humanity.

Globalisation, education and violent conflict

M. Novelli (guest editor)

Globalisation, Societies and Education, vol. 7, 2009, p. 379-509

Articles featured in this special issue seek to link the sub-field of education and conflict with the literature on globalisation perspectives on education in emergencies and conflict situations as a way of opening up new ways of exploring a range of interlinked factors which the contributors believe remain absent or underdeveloped in current research and policy development.

Inclusive special education: the role of special education teachers in Finland

M. Takala, R. Pirttimaa and M. Törmänen

British Journal of Special Education, vol. 36, 2009, p. 162-173

This study concentrates on the work of special education teachers in mainstream education in Finland, where these professionals work with children from various classes, usually in a separate room. The research involved sending a questionnaire to 133 special education teachers and undertaking observations. The work of the special education teachers was shown to consist of three elements: teaching, consulting and background work. The main problems experienced by the teachers were the lack of time for consultation and co-operation, an unclear work profile and too much work. The work of special education teachers was partly inclusive, but also entailed segregative elements. The authors discuss the potential for promoting further steps towards inclusion as well as possible changes in organising special educational provision at school level.

Multicultural education: issues and perspectives. 7th ed.

J.A. Banks and C.A. McGee Banks (editors)

New Jersey: Wiley, 2010

The seventh edition of this book incorporates new theoretical, conceptual, and research developments in the field of multicultural education with updated statistical tables, figures, and charts. Two new chapters focus firstly on race and gender in the classroom and the implications these have for teachers and secondly on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender minorities within the context of multicultural education.

New Orleans unique school reform effort and its potential for special education

T.E. Morse

Education and Urban Society, vol. 42, 2010, p. 168-181

New Orleans suffered catastrophic damage from Hurricane Katrina at a time when the city's state school system was in the process of major reform. The reform effort underway is predicated on the creation of a network of charter schools. Charter schools have increased autonomy and scope for introduction of innovative practices, in return for which they are expected to deliver increased pupil academic achievement. However, like traditional state schools, they must support pupils with special needs in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004. This article discusses of the implications of the New Orleans school reform programme for the provision of special education services.

The problem with boys' education

W. Martino, M. Kehler and M.B. Weaver-Hightower (editors)

London: Routledge, 2009

This book presents an analysis of the theories, politics, and realities of boys' education around the world and examines original research on the impact of implementing boys' education programmes in schools. The book also discusses the role of male teachers in educating boys, strategies for aiding marginalised boys in the classroom, and the possibilities for gender reform in schools beginning at the level of pedagogy. The essays include case studies of classrooms, school districts, and governmental policy programmes and explore education's role in the development of masculinities.

Reform, inclusion and teacher education: towards a new era of special education in the Asia-Pacific region

C. Forlin and M-G. J. Lian (editors)

London: Routledge, 2008

This book considers current perspectives on special education reform in the Asia-Pacific region and critically examines the region's responsibilities within a global framework by drawing on local and international research on best practices for special and inclusive education. The publication is divided into three different sections: the first section reviews broad trends and issues in special education across the region, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea and Taiwan; the second focuses on curricula and pedagogical practices for teacher education; and the final section draws upon evidence-based research to provide best practice models which can be and are used in developing inclusive school communities.

WTO/GATS and the global politics of higher education

A. Verger

London: Routledge, 2010

It has been argued that the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) has increased international pressure for the liberalisation of highereducation across the world. The author of this book explores the constitution of global liberalisation entailed by the GATS as well as the opposition to this process.

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