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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2010): Homelessness - UK

Babes up in arms

J. Newton

Roof, Jan./Feb. 2010, p. 38-39

This article reports research on the link between early motherhood and homelessness. For many, strained relationships in dysfunctional reconstituted families and overcrowding prompted them to leave home early and their subsequent homelessness led to pregnancy. For others who became pregnant while living at home, family support did not materialise and they were 'kicked out'. Many of the young women had disengaged from school before becoming pregnant and had experienced major disruption of family relationships. They expressed a strong desire for settled independent accommodation and found hostel staff intrusive and controlling.

Backs to the wall

T. Marshall

Roof, Jan./Feb. 2010, p. 18-21

More than a million householders are using their credit cards to pay their mortgages and stave off repossession and eviction. In doing so they are piling up more debt, and credit card companies are taking increasingly aggressive action to recover their money. They are quickly going to charging orders on property. Once a company has obtained a charging order, it can go back to the court for a possession order to force a sale to recover the debt.

Commissioning, delivery and perceptions of emergency accommodation for young runaways

G. Rees and others

Department for Children, Schools and Families, 2009 (Research report no. DCSF-RR181)

This research was commissioned to build a framework for the development of effective emergency accommodation for young runaways. It investigated models for accommodation, funding and commissioning, need identification, thresholds for access, referral routes and effective integrated working with other services for vulnerable young people.

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