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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2010): Social security - UK - New Deal

Job guarantees: easing the pain of long-term unemployment

P. Gregg

Public Policy Research, Sept.-Nov. 2009, p. 174-179

As part of the 2009 budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced plans for a job guarantee for young unemployed people. It is proposed that all young people aged 18-24 who had been unemployed and in receipt of Jobseekers' Allowance for more than 10 months would be required to engage in six months' full-time activity. This could either be training for jobs in specific employment sectors or work in a part-time job funded by the government and paid at minimum wage level. The author draws lessons for the design of the Young Person's Guarantee from previous schemes such as Work Trials, the New Deal for Young People, and Intermediate Labour Markets.

Jobseekers' regime and Flexible New Deal, the Six Month Offer and support for the newly unemployed evaluations: an early process study.

G. Knight and others

Department for Work and Pensions, 2010 (Research report; 624)

This research reports on provision of employment services for those who lost their jobs in the 2009-2010 recession. It finds that Job Centres were understaffed and new recruits had not been given sufficient training. Due to time pressures, new recruits were often placed in frontline posts in Job Centres before they had completed their training. Specifically, they lacked knowledge of how to advise unemployed white collar and professional workers. Support for the newly unemployed in rural areas was also patchy.

Refugees: realising potential through RIES

N. Rose and J. Lee

Working Brief, issue 209, Nov. 2009, p. 9-10

The Refugee Integration and Employment Service (RIES) was launched in October 2008 to provide specialist integration and employment support to refugees in the UK for approximately a year after they receive refugee status. RIES is delivered regionally across the UK by lead contractors, all of which are from the Third Sector, and by subcontracted partners. This article describes some of the experiences so far.

The role of social housing in tackling worklessness

V. Whittle

Working Brief, issue 209, Nov. 2009, p. 14-15

Affinity Sutton is one of the largest housing associations in the UK, with over 54,000 properties. Its Community Investment Department seeks to enable residents to access the support they need to make financially viable, sustainable employment a realistic aspiration.

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