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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2010): Social care - UK - community care

From independence to interdependence: integration means 'think family'

A. Fox

Journal of Integrated Care, vol.18, Apr. 2010, p. 41-48

While the personalisation agenda and direct payments can improve the quality of life of service users, they can also inadvertently increase pressures on family carers. There needs to be an offer of integrated services to support the whole family and to enable both care givers and care recipients to lead ordinary lives, to access paid employment, and to be active citizens in the community. Such an approach might save money by reducing care givers' and care recipients' state benefits entitlements.

Going for brokerage: a task of 'independent support' or social work?

P. Scourfield

British Journal of Social Work, vol. 40, 2010, p. 858-877

For the personalisation of social care in Britain to be successful, adequate systems of support brokerage need to be in place. Many involved in support brokerage argue that its independence from statutory bodies is a key principle. However, models have been suggested that propose brokerage as a possible function of statutory social services. Independent brokerage providers want to build up their businesses and protect their territory, free to regulate themselves and to develop their own benchmarks, codes of practice and knowledge base. At the same time, statutory social workers want to move into brokerage in order to make their role more interesting and fulfilling.

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