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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2010): Services for the disabled - overseas

Practical wisdom in caring for children with a disability in the Czech Republic

H. Francova and A. Novotny

Ethics and Social Welfare, vol.4, 2010, p. 24-43

This article examines the role of social workers in promoting the social inclusion of families caring for a disabled child in the Czech Republic. It explores the obstacles to the social inclusion of these families. Particular emphasis is placed on assessing the limitations of legislation and on exploring how the need to adhere to formal bureaucratic procedures that ensure that the services provided will be as cheap as possible limits the effectiveness of social workers in responding to clients' individual needs. Social workers need to be trained to adopt a situational approach that would involve reflecting on and seeking to meet the client's unique individual needs.

Social work's contribution to disability policy and practice around the world

T. Stainton, L. Chenoweth and C. Bigby (guest editors)

Australian Social Work, vol.63, 2010, p. 1-140

The papers in this special issue provide a range of examples of the challenges for social work and social policy in supporting people with disabilities and their families. Topics covered include:

  • An exploration of how the reproductive rights of women with intellectual disabilities are compromised
  • An illustration through life story work with ex-prisoners with intellectual disabilities of how communication between professionals and clients can be made more balanced and respectful.
  • A demonstration of how traditional medical views on spinal cord injury denied the validity of victims' hopes for the future
  • A demonstration of how new rights-based legal instruments can be incorporated into practice
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