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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2010): Community regeneration and development - overseas

Social sustainability in urban areas: communities, connectivity and the urban fabric

T. Manzi and others (editors)

London: Earthscan, 2010

The book challenges the conventional wisdoms of social sustainability in urban areas and presents practical examples of projects that will help practitioners to think carefully and innovatively about the situations they are addressing. It consists of original contributions from academics working in the fields of urban planning, housing, regeneration, transport and international sustainable development. Drawing on case study research gathered in the UK, Europe and Africa, it adopts an original, interdisciplinary approach to both theory and practice, illustrating the challenges and opportunities facing policy-makers and practitioners attempting to develop, manage and maintain sustainable communities. The authors argue that the dominant approach of how-to-do small scale social sustainability fails to locate it within broader social processes. Ignoring the context not only sustains, but also actively reproduces, wider inequalities. The book approaches current urban policy discourses in three different ways, represented by three sections: firstly focusing on small places within the urban fabric and secondly addressing the whole urban fabric by examining changing urban living and working patterns. The third section explores some of the ways that funding can be secured to achieve the aims of social sustainability and the social planning associated with it.

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