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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2010): Social housing - UK

Housing in the South East

South East Regional Committee

London: TSO, 2010 (House of Commons papers, session 2009/10; HC 403)

The economic downturn has meant that fewer homes than needed are being built in the South East region. There are concerns that the lack of infrastructure provision alongside housing developments is stopping schemes in many parts of the region from making progress. The report recommends that the funding mechanisms currently available for providing the necessary infrastructure alongside housing developments are reviewed. It is important that the Homes and Communities Agency, which has done so much to maintain the current level of housing delivery in the region through the downturn, is given the resources it needs in future years so it can continue this valuable work. It needs continuing support not only to produce the homes that the region needs, but also to support the construction industry, to keep people in work and to help retain valuable skills. Selective reviews of the green belt policy in the South East are also needed. In some areas the policy is contributing to unsustainable growth within the urban area and the immediate area beyond the belt boundary. It may also inadvertently lead to pressure on areas of the region that have genuine ecological or visual qualities that are important to protect. The report also considers it essential that all involved in housing delivery continue to aim for the 35% affordable housing target as a minimum.

Pensioners in council homes may be evicted

T. Whitehead

Daily Telegraph, June 28th 2010, p. 6

The Coalition government wants to encourage jobless social housing tenants in areas of high unemployment to move. They would be placed at the top of the housing list in more prosperous areas. Older people under-occupying family sized accommodation would be forced to move into smaller houses and flats to free up homes for the newcomers.

(For comment see Daily Telegraph, June 28th 2010, p. 18)

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