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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2010): Social housing - UK

Benefit cuts may force 750,000 out of their homes, campaigners fear

R. Ramesh and P. Wintour

The Guardian, July 23rd 2010, p.10

The National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations, warns that tough new rules to cap housing benefit, to be introduced from April 2011, are likely to lead to 750,000 households in London and the South East losing their homes. This would make the homelessness total five times greater than currently.

The big issues

J. Birch and others

Roof, July/Aug. 2010, p. 19-35

This special section of the final edition of Roof magazine presents an overview of the issues that have defined the housing and homelessness debate since 1975, including home ownership, the right to buy, housing associations, public borrowing, council house building, and housing benefit.

The fight back starts now

J. Peacock

Roof, July/Aug. 2010, p. 52-53

The author calls for the reinstatement of rent regulation for private tenants, whose rights have been steadily eroded since 1980. This year saw the introduction of the protected shorthold tenancy. Later legislation abolished the fair rent requirement, and shorthold tenancies and market rents became the norm with the Housing Act 1988.

Relocating jobless with new homes impractical

N. Morris

The Independent, June 28th 2010, p. 8

Government's proposals to encourage the unemployed to move around the country in search of work by promising them new homes have been dismissed as impractical by the housing charity Shelter and condemned as a return to the 80s by leading opposition figures. According to Shelter the scheme is impractical because Britain has a record waiting list for social housing (1.8 million households), with shortages particularly severe in higher employment areas.

Rollercoaster ride

S. Povey

Roof, July/Aug. 2010, p. 48-49

Presents a brief overview of the evolution of the law on housing and homelessness between 1975 and 2010, including a list of the main Acts.

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