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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2010): Social care - overseas

The business of caring: women's self-employment and the marketization of care

N. Anderson and K.D. Hughes

Gender, Work and Organization, vol.17, 2010, p. 381-405

Of the many transformations to have occurred in women's work in industrialised countries, one of the most significant has been the growing marketisation of caring work, as once unpaid work done in private households is done for pay in the formal economy. This article contributes to a growing body of knowledge about paid care work by focusing on self-employed care workers, who have not been widely studied previously. It explores how women's paid care giving is shaped by their employment status (self-employed vs employee) and by the nature of care provided (direct or indirect), drawing on interviews with 20 women in Canada, who work as self-employed childcare workers or domestic cleaners. The experiences of these self-employed workers are compared with existing research on paid employees.

Getting on with the job

N. Macklin

Community Care, June 24th 2010, p. 16-17

Due to the economic crisis of 2008 and the massive budget deficits that followed, social workers in Ireland accepted a pay cut averaging 7.5% in January 2010. This article reports the impact of the pay cuts on an over-stretched, under-resourced, but, relative to the UK, well-paid workforce.

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