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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2010): Social care - UK - community care

Putting sex on the budget

V. Pitt

Community Care, Aug.12th 2010, p. 24-25

It has come to light that people in receipt of personal budgets are in some cases using some of the money to pay for sex with prostitutes, in spite of general opposition to the practice among councils. The issue of paying for sex brings two social work values into conflict: service user empowerment and recognition of their right to a sexual relationship and the sense that prostitution is inherently exploitative. Moreover, in the UK a social worker who helps a client by organising visits by a prostitute may be breaking the law.

Social services sidelined from care for the dying

V. Pitt

Community Care, July 15th 2010, p. 22-23

There is a low awareness of social care's role in end-of-life care among both health and social care professionals. Part of the reason for social care's lack of engagement is barriers to accessing services, particularly means-testing. As a result of a lack of integration of health and social care services, people do not receive the holistic care that they need for a dignified death in a place of their choosing.

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