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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2010): Social housing - UK

Balls wants 6bn house-building boost

N. Watt

The Guardian, Aug. 31st 2010, p. 4

Labour leadership contender Ed Balls has called on the coalition government to spend half of the 12bn underspend on public sector borrowing in 2009-10 revealed in Treasury figures recently, on building an extra 100,000 new affordable homes.

Cameron: no more council homes for life

P. Wintour

The Guardian, Aug. 4th 2010, p. 1

An end to lifetime council tenancies - to be replaced by fixed term tenancies based on needs - has been signalled by David Cameron as he warns the coming public spending cuts will not be restored when the economy recovers. The homeless charity Shelter has criticised the initiative, saying 'the PM has sidestepped the fundamental cause of our housing crisis - the lack of affordable housing supply'.

(See also The Times, Aug.4th 2010, p.1-2)

Cameron spoke out of turn over council homes, says Hughes

R. Watson and F. Elliott

The Times, Aug. 5th 2010, p. 15

Simon Hughes, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, has all but dissociated his party from David Cameron's proposal that to end lifetime council tenancies. Mr Hughes has made clear than the ideas put forward by the Prime Minister do not reflect the policy of the Liberal Democrats.

Charities condemn plan to let councils house locals first

H. Pidd

The Guardian, Aug. 30th 2010, p. 7

The Refugee Council and Shelter have criticised government plans to allow local authorities to set their own housing allocation policies, which may give local people priority over immigrants on the waiting listfor social housing.

Council tax discount plan to boost house building

C. Hope

Daily Telegraph, Aug. 9th 2010, p. 4

Under plans to boost house building, councils that approve developments will qualify for a New Homes Bonus for every property built. The government would match the additional council tax raised by every new house built for the next six years. The government also intends to make it easier for social housing tenants to move to find work or to be nearer their families through a new National Affordable Home Swop Scheme.

Government study says social housing flats may be fire risk

P. Walker

The Guardian, Aug. 24th 2010, p. 13

The most popular building method for social housing in the UK, one that uses central timber frames, is a potential fire risk, the Department for Communities and Local Government has revealed.

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