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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2010): Mental health services - UK

Opportunities and threats in mental health. Part 3

R.W.F. Breakey and others

British Journal of Helthcare Management, vol. 16, 2010, p. 372-375

Growing competition among mental health service providers from the NHS, private and third sectors should drive up quality. However, high quality care may be best delivered through service integration and collaboration among a range of providers.

Staying well at work

J. Beckett

Learning Disability Today, Apr. 2010, p. 20-22

Supporting people with challenging behaviour can impact adversely on staff's emotional wellbeing if not correctly managed. Organisations need to offer training in stress management and mental health awareness, free workplace counselling, and strengthened anti-discrimination rights.

To assess or not to assess

V. Pitt

Community Care, Aug. 5th 2010, p. 22-23

The Mental Capacity Act is not yet working to fulfil its aims of empowering vulnerable adults to take decisions for themselves and protecting the interests of those who cannot do so. In June 2010 the Mental Health Foundation released figures that showed that 52% of health and social care professionals were contravening the first principle of the act by assuming clients lacked, rather than possessed, mental capacity before conducting an assessment of their capacity to make a particular decision.

A voluntary effort

I.A. McMillan

Learning Disability Today, Apr. 2010, p. 28-30

Volunteering has won the support of policymakers at both the local and the national level. This article showcases a number of projects which involve volunteers teaming up with disabled people and people with learning disabilities being supported to become volunteers themselves.

Working it out

R. Mair

Learning Disability Today, Apr. 2010, p. 10-11

Mencap is warning that an increasing number of people with learning disabilities could find themselves wrongly deemed fit for work under the Labour government's Employment and Support Allowance assessment. Mencap is calling for an urgent review of the system to ensure that people with learning disabilities receive the benefits they are entitled to.

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