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Welfare Reform on the Web (November 2010): Pensions - overseas

French strike against Sarkozy's pension reforms

L. Davies

The Guardian, Oct.13th 2010, p. 18

French workers, students and schoolchildren united yesterday in a last ditch day of strike action and protest aimed at derailing President Sarkozy's pension reform, a fortnight before it is expected to become law. They hope to force the government into a climb down on proposals to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 and the age of full pension entitlement from 65 to 67. One of France largest unions (CFDT) claimed 3.5m people took to the streets.

Lessons of the financial crisis for the design of national pension systems

G. Burtless

CESifo Economic Studies, vol. 56, 2010, p. 323-349

The recent financial crisis and the historical record suggest important lessons for the design of national pension systems. First, wide fluctuations in asset returns make it hard for savers to select a sensible investment strategy for defined contribution (DC) pensions. Workers who follow identical investment strategies but retire a few years apart can receive DC pensions that are startlingly unequal. Second, it is hard for ordinary workers, as opposed to optimal planners, to make sensible choices about portfolio allocation. Their investment errors mean that actual returns fall short of the returns that could be earned.

Retirement income security après le deluge

L.J. Kotlikoff

CESifo Economic Studies, vol.56, 2010, p. 350-365

In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008/09, the author proposes simple reforms to America's pension system, healthcare system, tax system and financial system. If implemented by the US and other developed and developing countries, these reforms would restore trust in the global economy and real growth.

Sarkozy defies pension protestors

P. Hollinger

Financial Times, Oct.19th 2010, p. 6

On the eve of a national strike, President Sarkozy has said he will not give in strikers, as protests about pension reform descended into violence, with clashes between students and police in several French towns.

Transforming pensions and health care in a rapidly ageing world: opportunities and collaborative strategies

C. Hayashi and others

Pensions, vol. 15, 2010, p.161-174

This article identifies 11 strategic options that offer the most promise for multi-stakeholder collaboration, often combining pensions and health-care solutions, in order to improve the financial sustainability of and access to pensions and health care in ageing societies. It includes case studies from the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Japan, and is based on a longer publication that offers up to 50 options.

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