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Welfare Reform on the Web (December 2010): Social care - UK - community care

Budgets door ajar for carers

G. Carson

Community Care, Oct. 28th 2010, p. 22-23

The coalition government's forthcoming vision for adult social care is likely to make personal budgets for carers a priority. There is general agreement that personal budgets and self-directed support could help counter the well-documented negative effects of a life of caring. However, current take up of personal budgets by carers is patchy. In many local authorities carers do not even get as far as a needs assessment as there is no money to support them.

Picking up the pace

J. Dunning

Community Care, Oct. 28th 2010, p. 26-27

The coalition government's ambition is for all social care users to move onto personal budgets. It is argued that universal use of personal budgets would allow a greater diversity of service providers to enter the market, expanding choice. The Labour government set councils a target, which most authorities are likely to meet, of moving 30% of service users to personal budgets by April 2011. However there is a danger that personal budgets will be perceived by the public as simply a cover for cuts in social services.

Safeguarding in a personalised era

V. Pitt

Community Care, Nov. 4th 2010, p. 22-23

This article explores the tension between the personalisation agenda, which encourages older and disabled people to make choices, and safeguarding, which is about preventing these same people from coming to harm. It looks at how councils are developing strategies to prevent abuse of older and disabled people receiving personal budgets by family and carers. It is pointed out that access to a personal budget may enable a client to escape from an abusive situation.

Wielding the axe

J. Dunning

Community Care, Nov. 11th 2010, p. 24-26

This article explores the impact of the 28% cut in central government funding from 2010/11 to 2014/15 on councils in the Solent area. Efficiency savings have been found, but it is acknowledged that adult social care services will have to be cut. The prospects of cutbacks are causing anxiety, fear and anger amongst service users.

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