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Welfare Reform on the Web (January 2011): Care of the elderly - UK

Neglect of older people in formal care settings part two: new perspectives on investigation and factors determining whether neglect has taken place

L. Phair and H. Heath

Journal of Adult Protection, vol.12, Nov. 2010, p. 6-15

This paper discusses criteria for determining if neglect of an older person has occurred. It categorises different types of health-focused investigations and offers suggestions on how an investigation can be approached. Suggestions are also offered on how to conduct an investigation, where to find information, how to conduct interviews, write a report and give a professional opinion. Criteria for determining whether neglect has taken place in a formal care setting are offered, alongside examples of how these have been applied in practice.

Your wish is our command

N. Valios

Community Care, Dec. 2nd 2010, p. 26-27

This article discusses how person-centred reviews, which are the norm in learning disability services, can be used to give older people more choice and control over the care they receive. The process identifies what is important to the older person and the type of support they need to achieve it. Professionals discuss with the individual and their carers what good support would look like, including what is and is not working from everyone's perspective.

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