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Welfare Reform on the Web (January 2011): Social housing - UK

Britons fear hard times after final sales spree

S. Coates

The Times, Dec. 27th 2010, p. 1

Britons are pessimistic about the year ahead, with dwindling disposable income and signs that up to 5 million households could fall behind with mortgage or rent payments.

Promises on new social housing 'do not add up'

R. Williams

The Guardian, Dec. 29th 2010, p. 11

The coalition government is unlikely to meet its target of providing 150,000 new affordable homes in Britain over the next four years because its figures 'simply don't add up', new analysis claims. According to the accountancy practice Beever & Struthers, the lack of funding will leave the ministers with a shortfall of 19,000 dwellings.

Tenancy cheats make 20,000 a year

R. Prince

Daily Telegraph, Dec. 16th 2010, p. 10

An estimated 200,000 social housing tenants are thought to be subletting their properties illegally and gaining up to 20,000 per year in rent payments. There are concerns that they are preventing the five million people on council housing waiting lists being allocated a property. The government has responded by launching a 19m drive to catch the cheats.

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