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Welfare Reform on the Web (February 2011): Social housing - UK

Cash reward for councils that seize homes


Daily Telegraph, Jan. 10th 2011, p. 14

Under the New Homes Bonus, councils will receive financial rewards for seizing houses that have been empty for two years and bringing them back into use. Residents will also be offered council tax discounts for helping councils to identify empty homes.

(See also Guardian, Jan. 7th 2011, p.12)

Homeshare: an inter-generation solution to housing and support needs

A. Fox

Housing, Care and Support, vol. 13, Oct. 2010, p. 21-26

In Homeshare, someone who needs some help to live independently is matched with someone who has a housing need and who can provide a little support. There are a small number of successful Homeshare programmes in the UK, but a large range of similar services worldwide. This article describes how Homeshare works, including how it is financed and how it manages risk.

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