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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2000): Public Health - UK


Men's Health Forum


Outlines the context in which men's health is being discussed within Government, focusing particularly on the findings of the Acheson report. Based on Acheson's recommendations, identifies the groups of men likely to be targeted by the government's Inequalities Strategy. These include the socially excluded, the unemployed, smokers, fathers who are breadwinners or in need of emotional support as parents, and men who are at risk of work hazards.


S. Ward

Public Finance, June 9th - 15th 2000, p. 35-37

Case study of the South Yorkshire Coalfields Health Action Zone, a partnership between health and local authorities in Doncaster, Barnesley and Rotherham. Programmes focusing on children and young people, older people and disabilities and heart health aim to tackle underlying social problems that cause ill-health.

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