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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2011): Care of the elderly - overseas

Better health and ambient assisted living (AAL) from a global, regional and local economic perspective

B. Eberhardt, U. Fachinger and K.-D. Henke

International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research, vol.2, 2010, p. 172-191

A high degree of social and economic relevance has been attributed to assistive technologies as well as to ICT systems by scientists and politicians, particularly in connection with the development, promotion and organisation of so-called senior-friendly environments and with ambient assisted living (AAL). These technologies aim to provide more support in meeting daily needs and to preserve autonomy and quality of life for older people. This paper focuses on older people of the future and their specific demands and resources, which these technologies should be able to serve while adhering to their individual requirements.

Managing risk in community care of older people: perspectives from the frontline

D. Green and A.-M. Sawyer

Australian Social Work, vol. 63, 2010, p. 375-390

Since the mid-1980s Australian governments have focused on expanding community and home-based services for older people. This has led to older people with more complex needs being supported in the community and has generated increased risks. Consequently, the management of risk has become more dominant and more contentious in community care. Risk management is now a key part of the requirements of funders and their contractors, occupational health and safety experts, regulatory bodies and standards monitors, and of the defences of provider organisations against exposure to liability. Frontline professionals have to deliver services in the context of the often incompatible and variable risk technologies of these different interests. This study demonstrates the complexity of these demands as played out in four contexts of community care of older people in Victoria, Australia.

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