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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2011): Care of the elderly - overseas

Variations in older people's social and productive ageing activities across different social welfare regimes

J. Warburton and E. Jeppsson Grassman

International Journal of Social Welfare, vol.20, 2011, p. 180-191

Volunteering is one way of ensuring that older people are socially involved, physically active and contributing to society. This research undertook a comparative analysis of voluntary association involvement by older people across different countries offering two levels of findings. The first is a descriptive account of the context of ageing within different countries and the relationship between this context and volunteering by older people. The second set of findings uses the World Values Survey 2005-2006 to explore differences in volunteering and membership more specifically. Six countries are used as illustrations of six different welfare regime types. The analyses suggest that differences across regime types are explicable in terms of social welfare context.

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