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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2011): Social care - UK - community care

PA contracts in focus

L. Tickle

Community Care, June 9th 2011, 32-33

The drive to ensure that service users hold their own personal budgets is expected to lead to a huge rise in the number of personal assistants in England. However, the relationship between a personal assistant and the budget holder they support is unusual. The budget holder employs the personal assistant, but may not be able to effectively call the shots due to illness or disability. On the other hand, personal assistants often do not understand their employment rights. Neither budget holder nor employee may fully understand their obligations under employment law.


N. Valios, J. Dunning and V. Pitt

Community Care, June 2nd 2011, p. 22-27

The articles in this special report cover responses to Community Care's annual personalisation survey commissioned by Unison. The responses raise concerns that some councils are limiting service users to direct payments instead of offering a range of options for delivery of personal budgets, and are also placing significant restrictions on clients' use of budgets , even for uncontroversial items such as holidays or participation in sport. They stand accused of stifling users' creativity. The third article in the special report presents a case study showing how personal budgets can work for homeless people.

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