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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2011): Community regeneration and development - UK

Community right or wrong?

D. Bentley

Public Finance, Aug. 2011, p. 38-40

The draft Localism Bill outlined plans to introduce a “community right to buy” for assets that have a “community value”. This would require councils to keep a list of such assets and oblige owners to go through a specific procedure before they could dispose of any of them. The proposals are intended to give communities new powers to save local facilities threatened with closure. The author comments that these plans could turn into a bureaucratic nightmare for councils.

How charity cuts have choked the big society

False Economy

More than 2,000 charities and community groups are facing budget cuts as local authorities reduce their funding – or in some cases completely withdraw it – according to research published today by False Economy. The research, based on hundreds of Freedom of Information responses from local councils across England, shows that one year on from the launch of the Big Society, many charities and voluntary groups face deep funding cuts.


(See also The Independent, August 2nd 2011, p.1)

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