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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2011): Community regeneration and development - overseas

[Feminist community development]

A. Emejulu and A. Bronstein (editors)

Community Development Journal, vol. 46, 2011, p. 283-390

This special issue was inspired by Elizabeth Wilsonís 1977 call to inject feminism into the community work scene. She argued that community development workers focused on political struggles in the workplace or in state structures and ignored the struggle for gender equality and social justice in the home and neighbourhood. This issue revisits her critiques of the political orientation of community development in order to assess the current state of feminist community development worldwide. Based on the analyses and research by contributors, it appears that feminist community development remains in a precarious position. It appears to be inextricably linked to a larger crisis in left wing politics due to neo-liberal hegemony. Worldwide, neo-liberal policy processes are subverting feminist community development and activism. As the state is rolled back to allow the market to determine welfare provision, the space for radical critique and action, especially from a feminist perspective, is closed down.

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