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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2011): Social housing - UK

How to get rid of neighbours from hell faster

A. Porter

Daily Telegraph, Aug. 3rd 2011, p. 2

Government has announced plans to enable courts to evict social housing tenants guilty of persistent anti-social behaviour more quickly. The housing minister intends to introduce a mandatory power for repossession by the courts that will allow previous convictions for anti-social behaviour to be taken into account.

Minister vows to get UK building again as home ownership slumps

H. Mulholland

The Guardian, Aug. 31st 2011, p. 12-13

The housing minister, Grant Shapps, has admitted that house prices in Britain have become "too unaffordable", following a report warning that the housing market is in crisis as home ownership falls and property prices soar. But the minister insisted that government plans would get "Britain building again" as he outlined a number of measures, including planning reforms and a release of thousands of acres of public land, designed to increase the number of homes built. "The charge is correct. House prices are too unaffordable in this country," said Shapps. "The government's responsibility is to respond to people's aspirations and lots of people want to own their own properties. I think the government should stand right behind them, and we will." Shapps sought to reassure aspiring home owners who are priced out of the market, as the National Housing Federation published a study on Tuesday which forecast that ownership in England would slump to just 63.8% over the next decade the lowest level since the mid-1980s.

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