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Welfare Reform on the Web (October 2011): Community regeneration and development - UK

Investigative research and urban regeneration problems in the UK: a story of investigative journalism

D.N. Pivaro

International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, vol. 5, 2011, p.190-200

The 'Pathfinder Schemes' launched under the Housing Market Renewal programme were supposed to be partnerships between councils and local and regional stakeholders to use public money to refurbish or clear and replace substandard housing. In this article, the author, an investigative journalist, gives a personal account of the social and housing problems created by a pathfinder scheme in Salford and how these became the subject of a documentary film. The author concludes that the pathfinder initiative was a failure which benefited only consultancy companies which advised the council and developers who pocketed large slices of public funds in return for very little.

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