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Welfare Reform on the Web (November 2011): Child welfare - overseas

Childcare support at nursery schools in Japan: current services and future needs

C. Chiba, T. Watanabe and M. Hirayama

Community Practitioner, vol. 84, Oct. 2011, p. 25-28

Changes in family structures and working patterns since World War II have increased the strain experienced by mothers of young children in Japan. Services to support parents have been encouraged in nursery schools, but they are delivered by teachers who are not trained in dealing with mother-child relationship problems. A survey of 712 teachers conducted in 2007 to determine their perceptions of the knowledge and skills they needed revealed demand for training in advice giving and child development.

Social justice in the OECD: how do the member states compare?

D. Schraad-Tischler

Berlin: Bertelsmann Foundation, 2011

A cross-national comparison of social justice in the OECD shows considerable variation in the extent to which this principle is developed in these market-based democracies. According to the methodology applied in this study, Iceland and Norway are the most socially just countries. Turkey, which ranks among the bottom five in each of the six targeted dimensions, is the OECD's least socially just country.


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