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Welfare Reform on the Web (January 2012): Care of the elderly - overseas

Government, professional and public efforts in Japan to change the designation of dementia (chiho)

M. Miyamoto, D.R. George and P.J. Whitehouse

Dementia, vol. 10, 2011, p. 475-486

In 2004 the designation for dementia in Japan was changed because the word chiho was considered derogatory as it literally means 'disease of cognition associated with idiocy'. This article describes how the new name for dementia, ninchisho, was chosen, and the prominent role played by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. It then addresses the impact of the name change on the Japanese association of family caregivers, and how this organisation reacted after the new name was determined. Finally it delineates the educational projects to enhance public awareness of dementia that emerged after the word ninchisho was selected as the new cultural label for dementia.

Longevity in Nepal: health, policy and service provision challenges

S. Parker and B. Plant

International Journal of Society Systems Science, vol.3, 2011, p. 333-345

This paper provides an overview of the key issues and challenges facing Nepal as it begins for the first time to see an increase in the numbers of people surviving into old age. Outward migration of young people and urbanisation are expected to gather pace in coming decades as the population ages. The country also faces challenges in promoting stable political and economic development following a decade of civil war, and in managing the impact of climate change. The authors call for more research into the health situation, experiences and needs of older people in Nepal as a basis for policy development.

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