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Welfare Reform on the Web (January 2012): Social care - overseas

Handbook of health social work. 2nd ed.

S. Gehlert and T. Browne (editors)

Wiley, 2012

Thoroughly revised and updated, this is the only comprehensive handbook of its kind covering the diverse field of health social work. Its evidence-based overview of contemporary social work practice in health care is written from a wellness perspective, covering the spectrum of health social work settings with contributions from a wide range of experts. Both a foundation for social work practice in health care and a guide for strategy, policy, and programme development, this handbook provides social work students and practitioners with the skills they need to use evidence-based models in their practice.

Social work education in Canada, England and South Africa: a critical comparison of undergraduate programmes

G. Spolander and others

International Social Work, vol. 54, 2011, p. 816-831

In the context of increased migration, devising equivalent standards for social work education and qualifications is a priority. This paper makes clear the challenges inherent in doing so, given unique systems of categorisation, distinct terminology and the antecedent events which have led to particular national priorities. It compares social work education programmes and practice contexts in Canada, England and South Africa to illustrate the issues. The authors advocate for the conceptualisation of a transnational social work to lay the groundwork for transnational criteria, standards and processes to facilitate the migration of social work professionals.

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