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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2012): Social housing - UK

Improving housing with care choices for older people: the PSSRU evaluation of extra care housing

R. Darton and others

Housing, Care and Support, vol.14, 2011, p. 77-82

Extra care housing aims to meet the housing, care and support needs of older people while helping them to maintain their independence in their own private accommodation. However, there is a lack of evidence about the effectiveness and in particular the costs of extra care housing. This article describes an evaluation of 19 extra care schemes allocated funding from the Extra Care Housing Fund. A core objective of the evaluation was to compare costs and outcomes with those for residents moving into care homes. Entrants to extra care were much less physically and cognitively impaired, on average, than entrants to care homes. Overall, residents appeared to have made a positive choice to live in a more supportive environment rather than responding to a crisis. Outcomes, in terms of physical and cognitive functioning, for residents with similar characteristics to care home residents, were better, and costs were no higher, while mortality rates were lower.

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