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Welfare Reform on the Web (April 2012): Social care - overseas

The nature of employer's involvement in social work education: an international exploration

S. Shardlow and others

International Social Work, vol. 55, 2012, p. 205-224

This article reports a preliminary exploration through email interviews and Internet inquiries of the nature of employer engagement in social work education, with a view to promoting dialogue about what the nature of that engagement should be, and if there should be any engagement at all. Data were gathered from 10 countries, and findings indicated considerable variations in the extent of engagement in admissions processes, programme management, and assessment of student competence. Practice learning/field education was the main area for employer engagement.

Promoting diversity or confirming hegemony? In search of new insights for social work

K. Brydon

International Social Work, vol. 55, 2012, p. 155-167

In the context of globalisation, problems that originated in one culture frequently have to be addressed by social workers in another. This article argues that Western social work is indigenous in the sense that it is based on a particular world view or way of knowing that is inconsistent with other cultural orientations. This not only gives rise to serious questions regarding the applicability of Western social work in other cultures, but also points to the need to develop new skills, values and theories for social work.

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