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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2012): Social housing - UK

75,000 discount to buy council homes

C. Hope

Daily Telegraph, Apr. 3rd 2012, p. 2

The Prime Minister announced a relaunch of the tenants' Right to Buy scheme which could see a further two million council and 500,000 housing association properties sold off. From April 3rd 2012, tenants were able to claim discounts of up to 75,000 on the purchase price of their home.

A commentary on: Demonstrating the effectiveness of housing support services for people with mental health problems: a review by Nicholas Pleace and Alison Wallace, Centre for Housing Policy, University of York

R. Johnson

Housing, Care and Support, vol.14, 2011, p. 127-133

This paper is an extended review and expert commentary on a recently published study by the Centre for Housing Policy which discusses the complexity of research on 'housing related support' in the UK context and proposes further work. The report raises important questions about the complexities of evidencing innovative services. Despite some omissions, it should be helpful to local commissioners in assessing the value of services. It also provides a useful introduction to housing related support for an international audience, less familiar with the UK social policy and funding context.

Council house seekers may be sent 130 miles

T. Ross

Daily Telegraph, Apr. 25th 2012, p. 2

Under the government's cap on housing benefit, payments are limited to 400 per week for a four bedroom property. Westminster Council, faced with some of the highest private rents in the country, announced that it was considering relocating 150 claimants to Derby and Nottingham as a temporary measure.

(See also Guardian, Apr. 25th 2012, p. 12-13)

Social housing, community empowerment and well-being. Part one, Empowerment practice in social housing

J. Rosenberg

Housing, Care and Support, vol. 14, 2011, p. 113-122

This paper gives an account of the development and pioneering management practices of Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH). WECH is a not-for-profit, charitable housing association, owned and controlled by its residents, which unites landlord and residents into a single organisation that represents the people, owns their homes, and gets the things done that residents need. Community ownership empowers people to exercise direct and democratic control over their affairs and environment - the same factors that are at work in home ownership. It also avoids costly, time-wasting bureaucracy and conflict.

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