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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2012): Social housing - overseas

Combining hierarchical and network strategies: successful changes in Dutch social housing

J. Koffijberg, H. De Bruijn and H. Priemus

Public Administration, vol. 90, 2012, p. 262-275

There are only limited options available to governments to bring about changes due to the many interdependencies of a network society. Multilateral, network strategies are needed, in which interaction, consultation and negotiation are key. This article analyses three fundamental structural reforms of Dutch social housing involving quality policy for building new homes, urban renewal and decentralisation of subsidies. The key actor, the Dutch Ministry of Housing, defined a set of goals and was successful in achieving them in a network context involving numerous interdependent actors, many of whom did not agree with the envisaged change. The research unpacked and analysed the strategies used.

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