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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2012): Minimum Wage - UK

Arcadia sends out wages a year after unpaid work

S. Malik

The Guardian, May 31st 2012, p. 9

The multibillion-pound clothing retail group Arcadia, which ran some of the UK high street's biggest names, including Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins, has sent retrospective payments worth hundreds of pounds to dozens of its former unpaid interns. Interns who worked at Arcadia's head office in London said they had received cheques for their labour up to a year after their placement with the company's PR department ended. Arcadia's move came as HM Revenue and Customs had been putting pressure on the fashion industry to enforce the minimum wage and rid the sector of a culture of unpaid labour.

Every little helps in the living wage campaign


Labour Research, May 2012, p. 23-25

The living wage campaign was launched in 2001 and despite economic gloom and government austerity measures, employers were signing up on a weekly basis in 2012. The national living wage was then set at 7.20 per hour (or 8.30 per hour in London), compared with the statutory national minimum wage rate of 6.08 per hour.

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