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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2012): Pensions - UK

Future workers face retirement at 84, say pension planners

R. Mason

Daily Telegraph, May 15th 2012, p. 4

The May 2012 Queen's speech confirmed government plans to link the state pension age to average life expectancy. Actuaries at accountancy firm PWC calculated that future workers would not qualify for a state pension until they were nearly 80, or even 84 as life expectancy rose. Children born in 2012 were likely to face a state pension age of 77 and could expect to live to 97.

(See also Daily Telegraph, May 10th 2012, p. 4)

Industrial action over pensions will make us look greedy, junior doctors warn BMA

S. Adams

Daily Telegraph, May 30th 2012, p. 1

The British Medical Association proposed industrial action against planned changes to the doctors' pension scheme that would see them working longer and contributing more. Remedy UK, which represented junior and middle-grade doctors, warned that industrial action would not persuade the government to change its mind, but would make the profession look avaricious and greedy.

Prisons in lockdown as guards join police in protests at public sector pensions deal

O. Wright

The Independent, May 11th 2012, p. 9

A large number of prison officers walked out on May 10th 2012 in protest at the Government's pension reform plans. Other public sector workers, such as police, teachers, court staff and civil servants were also on strike over the same issues.

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