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Welfare Reform on the Web (April 2001): National Health Service - Community and Primary Care Services


R. Bundy

Health Service Journal, vol.111, Feb 15th 2001, p.34

Advice agencies have begun working with GP practices to provide advice in primary health locations, particularly on benefit entitlement and debt.


M. Shepherd

Health Service Journal, vol.111, Feb 15th 2001, p.32-33

A survey of primary care groups in the South West region found a lack of expertise in involving the public. Respondents saw the main obstacles as lack of time, expertise and money. If the NHS Plan's ambitious agenda for public involvement is to be achieved, the shortage of expertise must be addressed.


Which?, Jan 2001, p.7-9

Sent out three researchers pretending to be patients to test the quality of care given by NHS walk-in centres. Found that the level and quality of care varied greatly. The overall standard was disappointing, and some of the treatment was potentially dangerous.