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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2001): Social Care - UK - Community Care


Carers' National Association

London: 2001

Claims that carers who look after sick, disabled or frail partners or relatives are often dismissed by professionals, excluded by employers and forced into poverty. Manifesto calls for better benefits, improved services and guaranteed breaks, and a status which recognises that carers are neither employed nor unemployed.


G. Barrows

Community Care, no. 1364, 2001, p. 12

The Carers and Disabled Persons Act 2000 promises carers recognition and support. However, no new money has been allocated to pay for its implementation, and local authorities will be charging for any services to carers.


F. Rickford

Community Care, no. 1363, 2001, p. 18-20

The Supporting People initiative will transfer responsibility for funding those support services currently linked to housing from the social security budget to local authorities. There is concern that the pot of money allocated to local authorities will not be big enough to cover all needs and that they will channel funds away from low-level, preventive, sheltered housing services and towards the most frail and dependant clients.