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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2001): Community Regeneration - UK


B. Holman

Third Sector, Apr. 21st 2001, p.10

Argues that government will only achieve its stated aim of empowering people living in deprived communities if it encourages local projects run by residents themselves.


J. Kelly

Public Finance, Apr. 20th-26th 2001, p.26-27

Regeneration Trust Companies (RTCS) are non-profit making private companies, set up by local representatives, which are formed to create job opportunities and develop skills in communities. Describes the work of one RTC in east Liverpool in alleviating poverty and economic disadvantage.


H. Petch

Roof, May/June 2001, p.13

It is now generally agreed that community regeneration will only be sustainable if residents are fully involved in both developing and delivering programmes. Article discusses some of the barriers to participation, including use of jargon at meetings, exclusion of smaller commity-based groups, and general lack of respect for poor people.


J. Connor

Roof, May/June 2001, p.16

Scottish Homes has created a dedicated fund to support a "wider role" for registered social landlords in community regeneration. These wider action projects cover a range of activities including employment and training related to association construction or maintenance programmes, and combating financial exclusion, fuel poverty and the "digital divide".


N. Sinden

Axis, Apr./May 2001, p.10-11

Reviews the Labour government's achievements in urban regeneration, planning and social housing provision. Concludes that the government has failed to develop mechanisms to deliver affordable housing to match need.


A.Misra, R. Mukherji and H. Whelan

Axis, Apr./May, 2001, p.20-21

The black minority ethnic population is over-represented in deprived areas, but is not effectively engaged in community regeneration projects in those areas. Describes a project in Lambeth which aims to develop good practice in involving black and Asian communities, focusing on information provision and capacity building.