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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2001): National Health Service - Community and Primary Care Services


B. Kennedy

Health Service Journal, vol. 111, July 19th 2001, p. 28-29

Article discusses the early development of Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust, which merged a community trust and a primary care group. Both GPs and community staff had mixed feelings about the new organisation. It proved vital to define organisational roles and responsibilities early on, especially those of the board and executive committee. A balance needs to be maintained between strategic development in the three areas for which the PCT has responsibility: community health improvement; developing primary care services and commissioning secondary care.


R. Lewis and S. Gillam

Health Care UK, Spring 2001, p. 45-48

This article reviews the proposals laid down in the NHS plan. It looks specifically at the proposals for the expansion of personal medical services (PMS) pilots, the announcement regarding the restructure of the general medical services contract and the idea of a new resource allocation mechanism. It asks the question "will the relationship between the state and general practice change and what will this mean for the general practitioners' contract?"