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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2001): Public Health - UK


D. Hunter and N. Goodwin

Health Services Journal, vol. 111, July 19th 2001, p. 26-27

Public health issues are in danger of being sidelined unless special efforts are made to incorporate them into primary care trusts. Pressure to meet health service targets could lead to PCTs pursuing a limited health improvement agenda focusing on lifestyle issues such as smoking and drug misuse. Paper calls for a continued focus on improving primary care and other services such as housing and education to restore balance to the health improvement agenda. Article goes on to discuss the role of the new strategic health authorities in public health. In order to be effective, they will need to develop public health capacity in those outside the profession.


L. Mountford

Health Service Journal, vol. 111, July 19th 2001, p. 24-25

Healthy-living centres were supposed to encourage health-promoting activities in disadvantaged communities, but so far only 65 of more than 1000 bids for lottery funding have been approved. Applicants for funding can find the process very time-consuming, and there are concerns about whether the projects will be continued by primary care trusts once the lottery funding runs out.


R. Levenson and T. Edmans

Health Service Journal, vol. 111, June 28th 2001, p. 26-27

Argues that the NHS could improve public health by encouraging unemployed people in deprived areas to train to work for it. However, sustainable funding and a strategic approach are necessary to support training and develop the workforce long term.