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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2004): Social Care - UK - Community Care


T. de Castella

Guardian Society, February 18th 2004, p.8

Last month, England's first residential unit for anti-social neighbours quietly opened for business on a Manchester council estate. On the estate local residents have no idea the unit is destined for "neighbours from hell". Part of the reason is the media and the author looks behind the negative headlines.


A.U. Sale

Community Care, Jan. 29th-Feb. 4th 2004, p.28-29

Government is consulting on proposals to move the focus of regulation and inspection away from individual adult placement carers to the schemes themselves, which are run by councils and voluntary agencies. The proposals have been widely welcomed.


K. Leason

Community Care, Jan. 29th-Feb.4th 2004, p.30-31

The article discusses the difficulties in engaging service users in consultation exercises. Users find them tokenistic and pointless because they are convinced their views are not taken seriously. Financial inducements can encourage attendance at meetings, but may put benefits at risk.

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