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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2004): Community Regeneration and Development - UK


E. Forrest

Health Service Journal, vol.114, Feb.19th 2004, p.32-34

Building a new health centre in a run-down area of St Helens is intended to act as a spur to wider socio-economic regeneration. Improving the range of services and physical access promises an influx of both retailers and consumers.


M. Morrin, D. Simmonds and W. Somerville

Local Economy, vol. 19, 2004, p.69-84

Unemployment in deprived communities has fallen since the New Labour government came to power in 1997. The Treasury and the Department for Work and Pensions are convinced that there are enough vacancies for unemployed people in all regions. This has led to less emphasis on social enterprise as a solution to unemployment in deprived areas. Instead, it is seen as contributing to the mixed economy in delivering public services, and is receiving business support from the Department for Trade and Industry.


R. Foggitt

Community Care, Feb.5th-11th 2004, p.28-30

People on low incomes often have no access to credit from banks and building societies and rely on loan sharks, leading to their being trapped in a downward spiral of debt. Article discusses how credit unions can help to break this cycle by providing affordable loans and encouraging saving.

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