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Welfare Reform on the Web (March 2005): Social Care - UK


M. Hunter

Community Care, Feb.3rd-9th 2005, p.26-27

Increasingly smaller residential care homes are being swallowed up by medium sized companies which, in turn, are merging to form national conglomerates backed by venture capital. With greater purchasing power and lower overheads, these large companies are able to operate more efficiently than their small counterparts and strike harder bargains with local authorities.


K. Leason

Community Care, Feb.3rd-9th 2005, p.28-29

By October 2005 all social services departments must be able to store information about new service users electronically, and this needs to be extended to all current cases by October 2006. These records will be available 24/7 and practitioners will not need to be in the office to access them. Different workers will be able to update files at the same time.


A.U. Sale

Community Care, Feb.24th-Mar.2nd 2005, p.28-29

The new Social Work Inspection Agency replaces the Social Work Services Inspectorate in Scotland on April 1st 2005. It will have four functions:

  • inspection and review of social services;
  • evaluation of services;
  • investigative work commissioned by the Scottish Executive;
  • advising ministers.


M. Price

Community Care, Feb.3rd-9th 2005, p.38-39

Research into whether Scottish local authority social work managers are properly prepared for their leadership role showed that almost all felt they had been thrown in at the deep end. The results led Lanarkshire County Council to embark on an in-house induction and training programme for new social services managers linked to a framework of continuing professional development.

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