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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2005): Care of the Elderley - UK

Care homes for older people in the UK: a market study

Office of Fair Trading 2005 (OFT780)

Two out of three elderly people who pay their own care home fees are paying unfair or unclear bills. A 10-month investigation by the Office of Fair Trading into private, voluntary and council care homes says that residents are often saddled with hidden costs, arbitrary fee increases and top-up charges. Self-funders, many of whom have had to sell their houses to meet their care home bills, are frequently charged higher rates than a state-funded resident receiving identical care in an adjoining room.

Family care, independent living and ethnicity

S.Harper and S.Levin

Social Policy and Society vol. 4, 2005, p. 157 - 169

Elder care provision amongst non-white ethnic communities in the UK is poorly understood and needs further research according to this review. Discussion is framed by issues of changing demographic and family structures and of policy that emphasises independent living and reliance on family support.

Wales feels the strain as older English people head West

D. Hayes

Community Care, May 5th-11th 2005, p.14-15

The influx of older English people into rural Wales is putting strain on health and social care services as demand rises.

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