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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2005): Social Care - Overseas

The global political economy of care


Social Policy and Society vol. 4, 2005, p. 227 - 234

Care policy must be framed in a global context. Focussing on domestic care labour, this article highlights the dimensions of a global political economy of care, looking at gender, and the neglected transnational processes such as trade in domestic care services and migration. Reflects on analytical issues for social policy studies.

A historical review of the South African social welfare system and social work practitioners’ views on its current status

M. Brown and R.J. Neku

International Social Work, vol.48, 2005, p.301-312

Early social welfare policies in South Africa ensured that the black majority remained poor, uneducated and unable to earn a living wage. Since the fall of Apartheid, social work has shifted away from individual casework and towards a community development approach to service delivery targeted on poverty alleviation.

Role of nonprofit organizations in the delivery of family services in 11 EU member and applicant states

L. Appleton

International Social Work, vol.48, 2005, p.251-262

Drawing on interviews with representatives from the non-profit sector in eight EU member states and three applicant states, article maps ways in which these organisations deliver family services across Europe. It also identifies the political, cultural and historical factors influencing the roles of non-profit organisations in service delivery at national and sub-national levels to determine whether the recent EU White Paper which strengthens the non-profit sector's role in policy-making will have much impact.

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