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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2005): Social Care - UK

21st Century Social Work Review: interim report


Paper focuses on what the review group has learned so far about the role of the social worker in Scotland, but also highlights important issues around leadership and management of the service.

Focus on Scotland

D. Hayes (editor)

Community Care, May 12th-18th 2005, p.57-60

Overview of developments in social welfare services in Scotland covers the on-going 21st Century Review of Social Work, the implementation of the Scottish Mental Health Act, and the failure of direct payments to take-off.

Making safeguarding everybody’s business: a post-Bichard vetting scheme

Department for Education and Skills [and] Department of Health

London: 2005

Consultation on proposals to create a new centralised vetting and barring scheme for people working with children or vulnerable adults (paid or unpaid) in the light of vetting failures identified by the Bichard Inquiry into the Soham murders.

A man for a ruck

D. Hayes

Community Care, May 12th-18th 2005, p.36-37

Report of an interview with Colin Mackenzie, new president of the Association of Directors of Social Work, focusing on the present review of Scottish social work. Discusses the main themes emerging from the review, including the rights and responsibilities of service users, the development of person-centred planning, and the balance between prevention and crisis services.

Private funding mechanisms for long-term care

S. Johnstone

York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2005

Report reviews the current options for funding long-term care for older people and those with disabilities. It looks at why long-term care insurance has not taken off in the UK and what possible future options might be, in particular for public-private partnership between insurers and the state.

Statutory and mandatory training in health ands social care: a toolkit for good practice

W. Garcarz and E. Wilcock

Oxford: Radcliffe, 2005

Statutory and mandatory training is an area that all health and social care organisations are required to tackle, yet it is commonly undertaken as a tick-box exercise without flair or creativity. This reference book has been designed to support health and social care organisations wanting to create a structured approach to training, to review existing training or just to make improvements to ensure legal compliance and safe working practices.

Violence against women: a literature review

L. Greenan

Edinburgh: Scottish Executive, 2005

Review considers evidence of the extent and consequences of the problem of violence against women. Goes on to look at service responses to rape victims, women in prostitution, survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and victims of domestic violence.

Voluntary sector ponders Green Paper

M. Samuel

Community Care, May 12th-18th 2005, p.18-19

The recent adult services green paper proposes involving the voluntary sector in strategic planning and commissioning. This will give rise to a conflict between voluntary organisations' roles as service providers, client representatives and campaigners. The vision will also be difficult for smaller organisations to fulfil.

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