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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2005): Social Care - UK - Community Care

Asian carers' perceptions of care assessments and support in the community

D. Hepworth

British Journal of Social Work, vol. 35, 2005, p.337 - 353

Reliance on semi-formal contacts with minority ethnic workers and high regard for friendship with professionals are characteristic of the experience of 26 subjects in this study of Asian carers' perceptions of assessment and support in the community. The study reveals which types of support were valued and why, and those which the respondents were unaware of.

Community care

N. Thompson and S. Thompson

Lyme Regis: Russell House, 2005

The reforms of the 1990s brought about significant changes in how community care is managed and practiced, but with mixed results. This book cannot make up for the inadequacies of the system, but it will help lay the foundations for good practice in this important area of personal social services. Offering a clear account of some of the key issues underpinning understanding of practice, this book argues strongly against forms of practice that are mechanistic and simplistic in their approach to meeting vulnerable people's needs. In place of such a dehumanising approach, the authors argue for an approach that places people at the heart of the undertaking.

Housing providers struggle under impact of budget cuts

S. Brody

Community Care, June 16th-22nd 2005, p.16-17

Government has cut the funding of the Supporting People programme under which local authorities commission housing support services from providers. This is causing uncertainty about the future viability of projects and problems around the development of new services. At the same time there is concern among providers about the bureaucracy involved in administering the scheme.

Pay and dismay

A. Leslie

Community Care, May 26th-June 1st 2005, p.32-33

New government proposals call for a rapid expansion of direct payments to service users. For this to be successful, the practicalities of running the system need to be worked out and better support, information and advice provided for users.

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