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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2005): Social Housing - UK

Home offer may reach the poorest

A. Frean

The Times, June 6th 2005, p.22

Council and housing association tenants with low joint incomes could be eligible to buy a share of their homes under the Government's shared ownership scheme, Social HomeBuy. An analysis of the scheme, published today by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, suggests that it could be extended to people earning significant less than half the national average of 27, 500.

Model homes

J. Zitron

Public Finance, May 27th-June 2nd 2005, p.22-23

From April 2006 private developers will be able to bid alongside housing associations for grants from the Housing Corporation to build and manage social housing. According to the Housing Corporation's plans, private developers could bid to provide homes to agreed standards. The entire grant would be paid on completion of the scheme. Article outlines other options for partnership working between the Housing Corporation and the private sector.

Supported schemes face shortfalls

E. Rogers

Young People Now, June 15th-21st 2005, p.8

The Housing Corporation has recently decided to relax the funding rules for supported housing schemes such as foyers and hostels. However, the Supporting People programme is being cut back and funding may not be available to pay for support staff.

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