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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2005): Social Care - Overseas

Care services in Europe

J. Lethbridge

Public Services International Research Unit, 2005

Paper presents an overview of trends in the care sector, including care provided for older people, home care and child care. It outlines national organisational and funding arrangements for social care in Europe and provides a policy overview for the three sectors. It identifies and profiles major national and international companies involved in the care sector, including data on numbers employed, subsidiaries and profits.

Faith-based social service organisations and government funding: data from a national survey

H.R. Ebaugh, J.S. Chafetz and P.F. Pipes

Social Science Quarterly, vol.86, 2005, p.273-292

Analysis of data from a national survey of 656 faith-based social service coalitions shows that greater religious expressiveness dissuades them both seeking and receiving government funding, but higher levels of social activism expedite both.

The largely untold story of welfare reform and the human services

M. Abramovitz

Social Work, vol.50, 2005, p.175-186

Interviews with staff of 107 non-profit human services agencies in New York explored the impact of welfare reform on their work. Workers reported less time for engagement with social services due to welfare-related regulations, sanctions, crises and paperwork. They also reported more service dilemmas, including less control of the job, more ethical conflicts, less efficacy and more burnout.

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