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Welfare Reform on the Web (October 2005): Social Security - UK

Access denied

S. Miller

Disability Rights Bulletin, Summer 2005, p.2-4

Research suggests that problems with the claims process can make it difficult for cancer patients to access disability living allowance and attendance allowance. Issues relating to the qualifying tests, and the rules relating to hospital in-patient care and terminal illness pose particular challenges, putting cancer patients at risk of financial hardship.

Revenue faces legal action over tax credit repayments

B. Hall

Financial Times, Aug.24th 2005, p.1

Anti-poverty campaigners hope to bring a case against the Revenue & Customs, which they say has acted unlawfully in automatically recouping overpaid tax credits. According to its code, the Revenue will not ask claimants to return an overpayment if it arose because of a mistake or if people genuinely thought their award was correct. Overpayments are in practice recovered automatically without investigation of these two key questions.

Welfare 'promotes child poverty'

A. Sparrow

The Daily Telegraph, September 16th 2005, p.2

Labour's welfare policies are promoting child poverty by providing an incentive for parents to break up, or keep their relationship informal, claims a report by the think-tank Civitas. According to the report, the UK tax credit system favours children who live with one rather than two parents.

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